Who We are?

Technotran Electronic Solutions is an innovative leading training & development organization in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems which is located in Hyderabad & a business unit been functioning from Nellore(AP) to cater the needs of various sections of students from Engineering background.

We offer Hands on workshops, Value added courses, Certification programs, Project training and internships for school and engineering students. We have been constantly striving hard to Endeavor the students in the field of Embedded Systems and Robotics.

We are also providing quality services in Electronic product design, software development, Prototyping & Manufacturing according to custom specifications. We specialize in embedded systems (hardware, firmware, software) which utilize embedded processors or microcontrollers.

Design Services:
  • Electronics Circuit Design
  • PCB Design
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Firmware Programming & Device Drivers
  • Software Development
Training Services:

Today there exists a marked gap between technical skills of engineering graduates and real time industry requirements. Our objective is to bridge this gap by conducting a variety of programs, which have been specially designed to disseminate technical knowledge and provide hands on training to engineering graduates and help them meet industry requirements.

Some of the exciting and useful programs being offered and promoted by us include:

Conducting workshops for engineering students on happening concepts like Electronics Circuit Design, PCB Design, Robotics, Embedded Systems, C/C++ Programming, LAB VIEW, Proteus and other simulation technologies.

Conducting workshops for school children (8th to 12th standards) on Robotics, which will help the students to experience the real time application of their academic subjects like Maths, Science etc.,

Summer Internship & Training Programs for engineering students on Robotics, PCB Design, LAB VIEW and Embedded Systems technologies.

Competency Development Training.

Certification programs.

Online Training.

Soft Skills training.

We realize that the above mentioned programs are extremely useful to meet the rapidly growing educational needs of India. We believe ourselves as a dedicated support system for 21st century in bridging the education divide between the real time industry expectations and the Indian students.