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Come and Join Summer Internship Program conducted by TechnoTran to learn Electronics with hands on experience

Internship & Training

TechnoTran proudly presents an exhaustive and intelligent hand- on Summer Internship Program (First of Its kind Internship & Training program in Hyderabad & Nellore cities) intended for B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH (ECE/EIE/EEE/MECH) students striving to hone their skills in their specialized fields.

TechnoTran is an innovative leading training & development organization in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems which is located in Hyderabad & a business unit been functioning from Nellore(AP) to cater the needs of various sections of students from Engineering background.

Summer Internship Program:

The Summer Internship Program aims to widen the student’s perspective by providing an exposureto real use of technologies as expert. The program is the most effective aid in enabling our interns torelate technical theory to practice. During the internship, the students will have the opportunity to participate in the dynamic technical environment.Summer Internship Program (SIP) is an intensive research program for talented graduatestudents. This program provides high-quality Robotics & Embedded Systems Hands-On experiences, offers robust Student-Development Program (SDP), and provides gateways to graduate studies and also career opportunities in areas like PCB Design, Robotics, and Embedded Systems & LabVIEW. This short term experience provides a real insight of Industry Experience.

Who should attend?

  • All students from B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech (Electronics/Electrical/Instrumentation/Mechanical background)
  • Students who aspire to make a career in the field of Electronics/Embedded Systems, Robotics, LabVIEW & Automation.
  • Students of Diploma/ BSC/MSC Electronics Background.
Internship Courses Offered:
S.No Course Name Course
Course Fee
(Per 2 Students)
Trainer Kit
1 Advance Printed circuit
board Design &
1 week SIP1601 Rs. 2,900/- 1 Take Home PCB
Fabrication Kit
2 Sixth Sense Technology 1 Week SIP1602 Rs. 2,900/- 1 Take home Sixth
Sense Kit
3 Robotics using Embedded C 2 Weeks SIP1603 RS. 4,900/- 1 Take Home
Robotic Kit
4 Embedded Systems with
2 Weeks SIP1604 RS. 5,900/- 1 Take Home AVR
Embedded Kit
5 Embedded Systems with
Linux using Raspberry Pi
2 Weeks SIP1605 RS. 4,900/- Non Take away kit
6 Advanced PCB Design
& Fabrication
Robotics using Embedded C
3 Weeks SIP1606 Rs. 6,500/- 1 take home PCB
Fabrication Kit
7 Advanced PCB Design
& Fabrication
Embedded systems with AVR & ARM
3 Weeks SIP1607 Rs. 7500/- 1 Take home PCB
fabrication kit
AVR Embedded kit
Embedded systems with
3 Weeks SIP1608 Rs. 7500/- 1 Take home AVR
Embedded kit

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